Da Vinci Marble

Building a better brand.

Even Leonardo would be impressed.

Da Vinci marble is a family-run small business that literally “rocks” the stone and tile industry. Because their process is so customer centric and their products hand selected, their brand deserved the same kind of attention. We created a sophisticated and adaptable logo, brand guidelines and system that helps them market and advertise to the most discerning of clients. We also developed internal motivational campaigns and workplace design to bolster the company’s culture, attract fresh talent and solidify the corporate philosophy. Working together for over sixteen years; there isn’t anything we haven’t been able to accomplish. This is the power of our partnership.

BT* created

  • logo
  • branding
  • guidelines
  • advertising
  • campaigns
  • website
  • sales presentation
  • workplace design

"Betsy has been amazing to work with.  She integrated right into our team as our senior Brand Director, and she works seamlessly with our team to build and manage a uniform platform that helps us grow our business.  She has also helped Da Vinci build our brand to become the recognized leader in our industry."

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